Detector D09
Title LDC D12
Comment NONE
Author Jeremy McCormick
Status development
Version $Id: compact.xml,v 1.1 2008/05/22 07:27:27 jeremy Exp $
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Subdetectors by System ID

Sys Id Subdetector
7 hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg


Readout Subdetectors ID Description Cell Size U x V
hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg M:3,S:3,I:9,J:9,layer:6 NA

Radiation and Interaction Lengths

Subdetector Radiation Lengths Interaction Lengths
hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg 39.741814 4.450319

Subdetector Details

Subdetector hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg
System ID 7
Type Calorimeter
Class CylindricalBarrelCalorimeter
Endcap false
Readout hcalFeRPC1_HcalBarrelReg
Tracking Vol false
ID Description M:3,S:3,I:9,J:9,layer:6
Number Of Layers 34
Interaction Lengths 4.450319
Radiation Lengths 39.741814
Calorimeter Type UNKNOWN
Number Of Sides 0
Inner Radius 1410 mm
Outer Radius 2362 mm
Z Length 5544 mm
Inner Z -2772 mm
Outer Z 2772 mm
Section Phi 6.28 radians
Segmentation Type MokkaSegmentation
0 - 33
20 mm Steel235
3 mm G10
1.1 mm PyrexGlass
1.2 mm RPCGasDefault sensor
1.1 mm PyrexGlass
1.6 mm Air


cm 10.0
tracking_region_radius 1265.0
tracking_region_zmax 1679.0
world_side 30000.0
world_x 30000.0
world_y 30000.0
world_z 30000.0


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