Detector SiTrackerEndcapTest01
Title NONE
Comment SiTrackerEndcapTest00 plus 5T mag field.
Author NONE
Status development
Version NONE
Documentation NONE
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Subdetectors by System ID

Sys Id Subdetector
1 SiTrackerEndcap


Readout Subdetectors ID Description Cell Size U x V
SiTrackerEndcap_RO SiTrackerEndcap system:6,barrel:3,layer:4,wedge:6,module:6,sensor:1,side:32:-2,strip:12 NA

Radiation and Interaction Lengths

Subdetector Radiation Lengths Interaction Lengths
SiTrackerEndcap 0 0

Subdetector Details

Subdetector SiTrackerEndcap
System ID 1
Type Tracker
Class SiTrackerEndcap
Endcap true
Readout SiTrackerEndcap_RO
Tracking Vol true
ID Description system:6,barrel:3,layer:4,wedge:6,module:6,sensor:1,side:32:-2,strip:12
Number Of Layers 7
Interaction Lengths 0
Radiation Lengths 0


cm 10.0
tracking_region_radius 1800.0
tracking_region_zmax 3000.0
world_side 30000.0
world_x 30000.0
world_y 30000.0
world_z 30000.0


Field GlobalSolenoid
Type Solenoid
Inner Field 5.0 TeV
Outer Field -0.6 TeV
Z Max 1000.0 mm
Outer Radius 2 8555625.0 mm

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